It is said, that “the song remembers when” there is much truth in this statement.

Songs have the ability to touch us emotionally, taking words from our hearts to our voices. 

Speaking, for us or to us.

The ability to love music is in all of us. 

It is both personal & unique, growing over our lifetime.

For a passionate few, blossoming into the creation of those we call musicians. 


Born into a family with musical history, believed to date back to the Vaudeville era. 

Her musical career started in the early '90s. 

Shows have captured the hearts & minds of audiences with her moving storytelling ability.

Kas, is a versatile artist with a soulful voice, has a flair for interpretation combined with a unique stage presence. 

Kas finds music an exciting evolving platform. 

Launching the introduction of her playing electric keyboards in 2020.


Inspired by truly talented musicians, her vision is to perform passionate original compositions.

3 March 2020 enabled Kas to collaborate with guitarist-songwriter Marc Zovaro, now business partners, 'Markas Music'.

In a short period of time, the two have written & recorded six originals, leading to their band, 'Perfect Strangers'.


28 April 2021 online launch of Perfect Strangers 'Debut EP' "Nice to Meet You".

13 June 2021 radio play on, 'The Nick & Bootsy Basement Tapes', Radio 92.9FM, Missouri, USA


17 February 2022 launch EP.1 "LIVE" @StreetMusic Crows Nest

23 August 2022 added to 'Erie Lackawanna Up and Coming Singer-Songwriters' Spotify Playlist

7 September 2022 selected for 'ReverbNation Chart Topping NSW Australia Artist' Playlist


Originals: EP:1


Moral of the Story

Ghost Blues

Fierce People

Broken Wings

Simple Life


Kas & Marc are currently working on new material, for release in the near future.


Originals: EP:2


Rearview Mirror


Shifting Sand

Saving the Day

Life (Instrumental)

With the collaboration of Sydney's exceptional musicians, all in all, 2022 & beyond is looking very advantageous.


For more information | bookings; 0420 909 993.

In Bloom